Why do you Quarantine Chickens?

Here at H&H Poultry we quarantine our birds. Why? You don’t know if the chicken(s) has some sort of sickness. Keep them separated from the rest. Keep a close eye and look for any sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, bubbles in the eye, leg mites, and mites. If they do have those symptoms keep them separatedContinue reading “Why do you Quarantine Chickens?”

Best Chickens to match your Climate

Some Cold Climate Breeds Silkie ( A variety of colours they also come in Bantam and Standard sizes ) Plymouth Rock Rhode Island Red ( Comes in Bantam and standard sizes) Cochin ( There are a variety of colours and they also have a Bantam and standard size) Some Both Climate Breeds Speckled Sussex AustralorpContinue reading “Best Chickens to match your Climate”