How to Help Your Birds Throughout the Winter Months!

Winter is hard on poultry and with winter approaching rapidly, you want to help make them be as comfortable as possible!

Heres some helpful tips and tricks!

NUTRIENTS: Chickens need greens for nutrients, but with all the snow, chickens can’t get what they need. One of the easiest ways to give your birds greens is to hang a cabbage on a string! This gives them something to do and it’s a great source of nutrients. Another way is by giving them dark, leafy greens such as spinach or kale. This helps boost their immune system and helps them maintain a healthy diet during those harsh months!

ADDED PROTEIN SNACKS: Give your chickens protein rich snacks to entertain them and help them to stay heathy during the winter. Good options: Carrots (cooked or raw), eggs (cooked), fish (raw or cooked), nuts & seeds, and of course….. mealworms!!

Use normal waterers, fill them 1/4 way and re-fill it 4 times each day. It’s more work, but less risky. Don’t use heated waterers! They could very easily catch the shavings on fire.
Make a run that is wrapped in plastic and has a roof so that snow/ice does not get inside of the run. Let feathered-footed birds out in the snow. They could get frost-bite due foot feathers holding water.
Use the deep-litter method. Clean your coop every
1.5 – 2 months. Keep adding shavings on top of the old. Poop creates and holds heat!
Clean chicken coop every 2 weeks. Fresh shavings don’t hold heat!

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