New Project!!!

Hi everyone, I started a very fun experiment: I am hatching eggs!!!! I spent this past week collecting eggs, assembling and testing the incubator. It has paid off, the incubator is running, the eggs are in, and now we wait!! There are 12 eggs, all barnyard mixes, in the incubator. It takes 21-27 days for an egg to hatch. Hatch date is 3/27/2021-4/2/2021. I will keep you posted about their formation and will post pictures of the candling.

Candling is a process that helps you determine if an egg is fertile. You put a flashlight up to an egg that has been in an incubator for at least 3 days. When you candle the egg you should see a little red “chick” starting to form. It is how you know its fertile and may hatch.

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